Kiwanis Club of Westfort Our Kids Count Fathers Day Motorcycle Draw

Club History

The Kiwanis Club of Westfort received its charter on April 25th 1949.   The club was incorporated as the Kiwanis Club of West Fort William in 1955. When the cities amalgamated the name was changed to the Kiwanis Club of Westfort Inc. on September 13th, 1970. In 1999, several members of the Metro Club joined the Kiwanis Club of Westfort.

Examples of Contributions to the benefit of Thunder Bay 

1958. In 1958, the club purchased 100 acres in the country and went into growing White Spruce trees for the annual Christmas Tree sales.  The Kiwanis Club of Westfot Christmas Tree sales are still going strong. However the trees are now purchased from a commercial tree lost.

1961.  The club contributes $8,000 to  the building at Wayland Park.

1988. The club took on its largest service project. An agreement was signed to build a three part building on the CLE grounds. The St. John Ambulance had the center part to provide medical attention to persons attending functions on the CLE grounds especially when the circus was in town. The CLE bingo had one side of the building while our club had the other to store our barricades and any Kiwanis materials and supplies. The building is no longer owned by the club and the CLE has taken it over.

1993 .  $26,000 was raised to purchase and retrofit a van for Constable Chris Towns who was shot in the line of duty.

To support the Arts, the club donated $5000 to the Community Auditorium and received 2 Loge seats which the club still has. Each year, the club makes a donation to support the Auditorium and maintain our seats

In conjunction with the Japanese Organization which gave $100,000 we added $15,000 to provide the seed money for the construction of the Westfort Thunder Community Centre. 

Contributions to young children

A school to prepare young children for the school system was started in the basement of the homes of the Lakehead University Women’s Club.  When it became too much for them to handle, the Kiwanis Club of Metro assumed the task of finding a new home, fund raising and hiring staff.  Metro ran the school for several years before the stress of doing so forced them to fold.  Several of the metro club became members of the Westfort club in 1999 and brought the school with them.  It was a great school with a fantastic teacher who made a personal financial sacrifice to help keep our school functioning.  But with increasing government demands without corresponding government support we could not afford the insurance premiums.  A dollar spent on a school such as ours saved seven dollars in court and prison costs. 

Hymers Fall Fair

The club has been a fixture at the Hymer’s Fall Fair for over 4 decades. Our first kitchen at Hymer’s was a tent which collapsed during one fair.  A fixed structure was built and then added on to as more room was needed and more customers needed to be served more efficiently. Approximately 15 years ago, the old structure was torn down and replaced with the existing structure.

Motorcycle Draw

The latest fundraiser is the Annual Fathers’ Day Motorcycle Raffle for a Harley Davidson bike. Over the last 15 years, the Westfort Kiwanis Club as well as the Thunder Bay Kiwanis Club have split over $500 000 which has been donated to various charities